The description of the following programs is provided to give the Executive Leader a framework of how programs have historically been provided to have the greatest operational impact.  All programs are customized to the client’s mission, values, culture, and organizational goals.  Kim utilizes her 24 years of leadership, operational, service-oriented, and adult-learning experience to provide a dynamic and practical seminar.  She uses a variety of the most effective, evidence-based tools, strategies, and her own research findings.

leadership-picOrganizational Culture Assessment, Advisement, and Strategy

  • Assessment of organizational culture through interviews with key leaders and associates and onsite visit
  • Customized strategy development and assistance with implementation of mission, values, and standards of behavior
  • Communication and ongoing strategies for permeating mission, values, and standards throughout organization.
  • Forms the basis for sound leadership and management development as all programming is tied consistently back to the organization’s mission and values.

Customized Leadership Development for Your Leaders

  • Assessment of current programs and training for leaders
  • Design of customized leadership development plan with CEO and executive team
  • Identification of key metrics for leadership development and training
  • Design of programming and training needs for middle and front-line managers and emerging leaders

Leadership Development Program I (LDP 1)

  • Experiential-based agenda that provides instruction and skill practice in the content areas of communication, decision-making, coaching, conflict management, team leadership, and situational leadership.
  • Incorporates MBTI Form Q Assessment in combination with 360 Feedback Assessment with the result of an outcomes-based Development Plan
  • The leader leaves the program with an operationally based Development Plan to reenter the workplace with a renewed focus. The leader is required to meet with the Supervisor on the Development Plan after the program.

Leadership Development Program II (LDP 2)

  • Experiential-based agenda providing continuation of leadership development 6 months to one year after completion of LDP 1
  • Provides instruction and skill practice in the content areas of change management, communicating a vision, leading of team problem-solving, and incorporation of real-time feedback
  • Incorporates 360 Feedback Assessment which is compared to LDP 1 360 and used to assess leadership progress since LDP 1
  • The leader leaves the program with an operationally based Development Plan to reenter the workplace with a renewed focus. The leader is required to meet with the Supervisor on the Development Plan after the program.

Management Skills Course

  • Series of two to three modules to help front-line managers to learn key management skills in leadership, communication, service excellence, prioritization, delegation, financial management, conflict management, coaching and counseling for performance, and work-life balance

Strategic Meeting Development and Facilitation

  • Custom design of strategic meeting agenda in partnership with CEO and Executive Team Members including goal planning and measurement and development of collaborative strategies and tactics intended for top strategic leaders

Team Enhancement

  • Team development seminar customized according to needs of organization, CEO, and Senior Management
  • Team assessment survey completed in advance of the session and then used in the session
  • Content and exercises focus on recognizing and using team members’ strengths, project management, team communication skill-building, building of awareness of individuals’ behaviors on the team, and change management
  • Can customize the team development session in length and topic per organizational need

Conflict Management

  • Facilitation of team to better practice proactive communication and relational skills to manage conflict
  • Thomas-Kilman Instrument used in the session
  • This session can be integrated into a team enhancement seminar or can be offered separately.

Time Prioritization and Delegation

  • Seminar focusing on real-time skills and tools for managing priorities and practicing with delegation (2 key skills required for time management)

Service Excellence

  • Seminar or series of seminars on methods for improving customer service in the work place
  • Targeted for the team member

Individual Leader Coaching

  • Focused and individual programming for: 1) leaders showing increased potential or 2) for managers or leaders having some challenges
  • 360 Assessment and MBTI Assessment administered and used as a tool for developing an individual plan with a leader
  • Ongoing coaching and development to assist leader in becoming more effective

Associate Engagement Survey Design, Administration, Action-Planning, and Follow-Up

  • Assessment for best assessment design, administration, reporting, and follow-up of associate engagement survey
  • Work with organization to link results and data back to other operational metrics as well as the organizational mission, values, and culture
  • 11 years experience and tools for design, administration, reporting, educating, and follow-up of associate engagement data